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The 2017 Great Lakes International Shorts Festival will be showcasing the best, most innovative works of emerging and veteran filmmakers, from around the world and across the United States.

We would like to thank every Filmmaker who considered our Festival this season and entrusted us with the submission of their film. Though there were many films submitted of all styles and genres, all of which were very well done and creative, please know that not every film can be accepted and screened.

Once our 2017 film selections synopsis pages have been completed, we encourage every single Filmmaker to visit their film’s synopsis page to be sure that all of the information contained on it is correct, as we have had some conflicting information provided to us by film submission services. If there are any errors, please contact us detailing the name of your film and the correct information, and we will make the changes immediately.

Most importantly, and as soon as the Virtual Theatre screenings commence, we also strongly encourage you to visit your film’s virtual screening room to ensure that you are happy with the virtual presentation of your film.

We will nominate no less than three films in every Genre for an award, with no more than ten nominees for each Best Of Genre Award.

Additionally, each year our Festival offers an Audience Award that is chosen by virtual attendees of our festival. Each attendee has the opportunity to watch as many films as each may like, and to cast ONLY one vote for what that attendee feels is most deserving of the 2017 Great Lakes International Shorts Festival Audience Award.

To help ensure that your film is among those nominated and/or selected as the Award Winner in this category we encourage you to not only vote for your own film, but for you to encourage your cast, crew, and friends and family to vote for your film as well. Please keep in mind that the film with the most audience votes will be chosen as the winner of this award.

Moreover, please make a special effort to promote your film throughout all of your social media, cast and crew list, email marketing lists, and every other avenue at your disposal so that your film will have the best opportunity to earn its place as either the Audience Choice Award winner, or to be listed among the list of the runners-up.

Please remember, and most importantly, vote for your own film for the Audience Choice Award, as every unique vote counts, and if you don’t vote for your own film, how can anyone expect it to earn a Nomination or Award.

All Filmmakers who have been voted as either a Runner-Up or as the Audience Choice Winner will be contacted with an email provided at the time he/she submitted their film.