Awarding outstanding filmmakers for the Best of Genre, the Great Lakes International Shorts Festival is owned by the Great Lakes Film Association, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, and we are dedicated to showcasing the best independent films in the digital medium and to presenting the works of independent filmmakers and outstanding achievements in cinema.

As a 501C(3) non-profit entity, the Great Lakes International Shorts Festival puts our money back into our local Community, and into furthering the art of Independent Film-making throughout the world by utilizing our Festival as a platform to do so.

Celebrating the many talented filmmakers from around the world, GLSF shines a light on the brilliant unknown talents of today who will become the legendary Filmmakers of tomorrow.

Awarding outstanding filmmakers for exceptional achievements in film making, the Great Lakes International Shorts Festival always supports indie film as an art form and those who create it.

Film is the one medium that has the ability to move us to tears, laughter, fear, exaltation, and countless other emotions all within the span of a few moments. Independent films can range from 30secs to 8hrs, and do not need the Hollywood seal of approval to be astonishing.

All of us at the Great Lakes International Shorts Festival are here to bring filmmakers and audiences together, to showcase films to those who love them, and to help others achieve their goals and dreams, and to go beyond that which was thought imaginable.

Since 2002, our organization has been on the forefront of Independent Film presentation, and has since been an advocate for both Independent Filmmakers, and for the emerging technologies that are redefining festival film presentation around the world.

From the short narrative genre to documentary to animation; experimental; horror and Spiritual, the Great Lakes International Shorts Festival celebrates the “Film” arts in dynamic transition. As emerging technologies continue to redefine the form, Filmmakers from the Great Lakes region, across the country and around the world express the common and the diverse through the age-old tradition.

— The art of the story.

The Great Lakes International Shorts Festival is not here to profit off the accomplishments of others, instead we here to help filmmakers reach their goals and make a reality of their dreams.